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Taurize is located on the northern flank of the Val de Dagne, overlooking a beautiful valley formed by a small river (the Taurize River); and dominated by the ‘pech’ or hill of Taurillou, a mountain of rocky peaks, where you can find a pagan altar at the summit.

The origins of Taurize

  • AD 908 : Villare Tautirano
  • 12th century: Tausirano (the name of person extended by a suffix to  indicate the property of x)
  • The Roman era: property of Tausirius or Tautirius).

History of Taurize

During the 10th and 11th centuries Taurize was owned by the Abbey of Lagrasse or held as insurance by the viscounts of Carcassonne. In the 13th, the fiefdom of Taurize was one of those owned by Olivier de Termes. In the 14th, the houses of Arse and Capbiau owned the land of Taurize and Serviès.

In the 18th century, the houses of Florincourt, Vic and Calmès were successively Seigneurs of Taurize, in their roles of barons of the Val de Dagne. The village was almost completely destroyed during the religious wars at the end of the 16th century.

Villages near Taurize : Villetritouls et Serviès en Val.

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