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Serviès en Val

Serviès-en-Val, a very sunny and pretty village, built on a small hill called La Courtine, in the centre of the Val de Dagne, not far from the river Alsou and a little away from the main road connecting Carcassonne in Lagrasse (the D3).

The origins of the name Serviès-en-Val

In 951, Serviès-en-Val was called Villa Serviano (from the roman name: Cervianus). In 1269 the name evolved into Servia,  to Serviers in 1532 and to Serviez  the 17th century.

The history of Serviès en Val, between Carcassonne and Termes

Serviès-en-Val was formerly the chief town of the lands of the Baron of the Val de Dagne. Its position earned it the title of the capital of the canton.  Serviès, as well as the other fiefdoms of the Val de Dagne, belonged first to the counts of Carcassonne, then to the lords of Termes.  In the 13th century it was sold to the cathedral chapter of Carcassonne which transferred ownership in its turn in the 16th century. Since that time, the lordship was held by various lords,  in particular by the house of De Calmès, the current owner of the castle and its outbuildings.

Serviès en Val sur le canton de Lagrasse

What to see in Serviès-en-Val

Dominating the village, the 12th castle flanked by two round towers and a square tower, restored in the 16th century, does not lack charm (it is not open to the public). A white marble column, which would appear to be the base of a Merovingian altar, can be found in the village, opposite the old post office, in a small enclosure.

The church, known as St Peter and St Paul, was rebuilt around 1870, following the collapse of the previous one. In summer, fountains and a spring (La Font des Tuiles), gives walkers a chance to cool off.

In the garden of the town hall (the former presbytery), you can see the former baptism font which now serves as a flower box

At the entrance of the village, coming from Carcassonne, a stone cross has been erected, engraved with a deer the background of a shield. Engraved on the other side is a hand giving a blessing. This is the cross of “DEVES” (of duty?).

Serviès en Val sur le canton de Lagrasse

It was erected after a great plague and was the starting point for processions until the mid-19th. It is estimated that the date of its manufacture was in the first half of the 16th century.  But the original that was deteriorating has been moved into the church. It is placed on a column of white marble from the old cemetery. The copy has been installed on the original column, also white marble, reusing a Gallo-Roman column.

The villages near Serviès en Val are Arquettes en Val et Rieux en Val.

Visit the website of Serviès en Val for information on village events.

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