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Saint Pierre des Champs

Saint-Pierre-des-Champs is a charming village located on the banks of the Orbieu and dominated by the ruins of its fortress. The town hall situated next to the river is shaded by beautiful trees.

The town was originally a former priory, given to the Abbey of Lagrasse in 956 and remained so until the end of the Abbey’s claustral office revolution.

Saint Pierre des Champs, formerly know as…

Called Sanctus Petrus (940) or Sant Peyre (14th century), Saint-Pierre-des-Champs is a small village located between Lagrasse and Saint-Martin-des-Puits.

Situated at an altitude of 150 meters, the Orbieu river, Ruisseau de Gournet and Ruisseau de la Bruyère are the main waterways that traverse the village of Saint-Pierre-des-Champs.

Saint Pierre des Champs, sur le canton de Lagrasse

The village is near the Regional Nature Reserve of Haut-Languedoc.

A few words on the history of Saint Pierre des Champs

From the 10th century to the end of the 18th century the village was one of the possessions of the Lagrasse Abbey. The battle of Count William against the Saracens took place at Saint-Pierre-des-Champs where a large number of men were  wiped out; “The place where this battle was fought was full of tombs.”

What to see in Saint Pierre des Champs

  • The fortified castle: now transformed into private dwellings, it is still interesting.
  • The old house at the entrance to the main street; beautiful facade, semi-circular arched doorway and geminate window
  • The church: an interesting restoration was done around 1890. It is tastefully decorated.
  • The rural Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation; a picture postcard location.

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