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Saint Martin des Puits

In the heart of the High-Corbières, built on a hill between Saint-Pierre-des-Champs and Durfort, on the edge of Orbieu, Saint-Martin-des-Puits is a small village which is home to an immense architectural treasure. Its humble church harbours a vision that almost overshadows the surrounding landscape.

Saint Martin des Puits, a former priory

Perched above its former parish church, Saint-Martin-des-Puits, was formerly a priory. It was given to the Abbey of Lagrasse in 956, and it remained the claustral office of the Lagrasse Abbey until the end of the revolution. It is also said that the origins of the village come from a Carolingian monastery, which was also called Saint Martin de Montredon.

At the end of the 11th century, the monastery passed into secular hands to the Dufort family, who gave the village back to Lagrasse in 1093.

L'église de Saint Martin Des Puits abrite des peintures exceptionnelles
Major restorations have uncovered several layers of painting in the church, revealing beautiful wall murals, rich in symbols. To learn more about these frescoes, read this study on the church of Saint-Martin-des-Puits.

The church of Saint Martin des Puits

The church of Saint-Martin-des-Puits greets the visitor on the roadside, before arriving at the village proper. Built in the 12th century, it offers a perfect example of religious architecture from the pre-Romanesque period and contains medieval wall paintings in a very good state of conservation.

The Romanesque church is located below the village on the edge of the Orbieu and the road. It is remarkable. See the remains of frescoes from the 11th century. Note the horseshoe arch. This building is a little gem.

L'église de Saint Martin Des Puits, véritable creuset historique


The layout of the building, which is relatively simple, is witness to a difficult history. There are many clues: A Choir nearly 5 meters long, a vault, a cornerstone, a triumphal arch, marble columns … but even these elements do not hide some rather mediocre workmanship.

Saint Martin des Puits is located near Saint Pierre des Champs.

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