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Rieux en Val

Rieux-en-Val is a very pretty village located at the bottom of the Val de Dagne, and is a pleasant walk shaded by beautiful plane trees. Its land : a rich wine region producing a good table wine.

A few words on the history of Rieux en Val

Tradition tells that Rieux existed at the time of Charlemagne whose armies may have fought the Saracens. Rieux belonged to the Abbey of Lagrasse until the beginning of the 12th century. The former, very important village was surrounded by fortifications; entry was via the two main gateways that existed until 1759. A high square tower dominates the village and was part of the fortifications.

Points of interest in Rieux en Val

  • The old Roman bridge is a small architectural marvel of the 12th century.
  • Don’t miss a menhir crowned by a cross , northeast of Rieux.

The villages around Rieux en Val are Serviès en Val, Lagrasse, Caunettes en Val, Taurize.

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