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Ribaute, from the words “riba alta” which means high bank, is built on the Orbieu in a very picturesque setting; at the bottom of the village the river creates remarkable waterfalls where the view is captivating; its shaded edges attract many summer visitors. Its land: this magnificent wine region  produces a very good wine.

The story of Riba Alta in a few words

The founding of Ribaute dates back to the 8th century.  In 1311, the inhabitants of Ribaute obtained the right to acquire their houses and property from the Lagrasse Abbey in return for a payment of 165 ECUs which they paid to the abbot of Lagrasse.

Tourist attractions in Ribaute

  • The village was surrounded by fortifications of which we see many remains (Orbieu side)
  • Inside the old village, there is an ogive entrance bearing the date 1574.
  • The vault of the bridge rests entirely on the rocks on each side of the river.
  • Waterfalls of the Orbieu
  • Dungeon transformed into a church steeple (the Romanesque Saint Sebastian)

This once-secret wonderful site has become a must-see place for summer recreation.

The villages around are : Montlaur, Camplong, Tournissan, Lagrasse.

The windmill 0f Ribaute is not in Ribaute

Do not confuse the village of Ribaute and the waterfalls of the Ribaute Mill, located about 1 km east of the village of Duilhac, in the shadow of Peyrepertuse (that gave its name to the village). You can still see some of the remains of the dam that once supplied the mill in the surrounding rock.

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