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A lovely village nestled at the foot of the mountain of Lacamp, its territory is covered with vineyards and some cereal fields. At the entrance of the village, the river waterfalls offer a wonderful spectacle.

Stroll through the winding streets, and they will lead you very quickly to the sculptural pathway, after having crossed the Madourneille river.

Mayronnes is a very old village (10th century);  rather curious money  was found there,  dating back to the ancient inhabitants of Corbières the “Volces Tectosages”.

In Mayronnes do not miss

  • The Saint André church in the village (photo opposite)
  • The charming hamlet of Jonquières a few kilometres from Mayronnes, located at the bottom of an impressive crater.
  • The small chapel of Saint Clément de Jonquières, a primitive Romanesque style 11th century building.
  • The “Trou de la Mandré” waterfall

Art and nature around Mayronnes

The sculptural path is a delight for hikers and lovers of contemporary art. This artistic event is located within the framework of an exceptional landscape and attracts many visitors every year.

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