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Fajac en Val

A very picturesque Village, Fajac-en-Val is nestled in a verdant space on a vast plateau. It’s a long and narrow area, made up of two villages: Fajac the low and Fajac the high. It is surrounded by cereal fields and is a soothing stop for the tourist.

Fajac en Val, petit village du Canton de Lagrasse
The story of Fajac en Val, in a few words

The origin of Fajac-en-Val is relatively recent: the 17th century. Its territory came under the responsibility of the commanders of Malta. However, there are also the ruins of the Chateau des Cours, a former commandery then hospital of the Templers of Douzens.

The chateau is located about 1500 m west of the village of Fajac-en-Val, nestled on a forested promontory, although there’s not an accessible  path. The hillock is located between the ravine of Poudadoure to the west and that of Clauzo to the east.

The cadastral area le Castellas (literally “the big castle” in Occitan) takes its name from The Chateau de la Cours, the ruins of this medieval fortress being located on n ° 169 of section C 2 of the modern land register of Fajac-en Val.

Le Château des Cours, Fajac en Val, hameau Mas des Cours


What to see in  Fajac-en-Val

Fajac-en-Val is certainly a small village, populated by less than 50 inhabitants, according to the last available census. But the village and its surroundings are worth seeing.

Especially the neighbouring hamlet, haunted by the remains of the fascinating and sometimes troubling history of the Cathar country. So, you should definitely visit:Fresques de la chapelle de Fajac en Val, sur le canton de Lagrasse

  • the hamlet Mas-des-Cours, which houses the remains of this rich history: the Chateau de Cours, a church, a humpbacked bridge straight out of the Middle Ages …a monument engraved with a Templar cross, located on the old humpbacked bridgea granite cross enthroned in the cemeteryThe murals of the Chapel

The average altitude of Fajac-en-Val is approximately 360 meters. Its surface area is 13.81 km². The towns and villages close to Fajac-en-Val are Mas-des-Cours, Monze and, in the canton of Lagrasse, Arquettes-en-Val, Villar-en-Val, Villetritouls.

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