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Arquettes en Val

This village of less than a hundred inhabitants offers the tourist a picturesque location, laid out in an amphitheatre-like style, on the eastern flank of the Val de Dagne. It has a beautiful shaded public square, and its territory is covered with beautiful vineyards, with which it produces excellent wines.

History of Arquettes en Val

After belonging to the abbey of Lagrasse in the 10th century, to the Viscounts of Carcassonne in the 12th century and to Olivier de Termes in the 13th century, the Lordship of Arquettes belonged as early as 1300 to the chapter of the cathedral of Carcassonne.

In 1775 Monsieur de Lassalle was Lord of Arquettes.

What to see in Arquettes en Val

  • The church is hidden in the middle of the old village, on the north side. It is under the patronage Saint Sernin or Saturnin, and was restored in 1887.
  • House of the blacksmith-farrier dating from 1816.
  • A three-hundred-year-old oak of the Chateau de Fabiès.
  • The former priory of Fabiès named in a charter in 837 and 870 under the patronage of Saint Caprais or Saint Etienne, is now called Château de Fabiès (private property).
  • An old water mill (wind turbine) as you leave the village on the road to Fajac

Carcassonne via the mountain

You can ascent the Picou mountain via a very pretty winding road towards Fajac-en-Val. There’s an extraordinary panorama waiting for us up there, over the Val de Dagne. You can also get to Carcassonne via this mountain road.

The village of Arquettes-en-Val had 78 inhabitants in 2014, nearly 20 less than in 2009.

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